IoT Solutions

vandens skaitikliu nuskaitymas v2

Water meter reading

The solution is intended for scans of new type and old water meters. With the help of the system, consumption data is read, documentation and payments are prepared. Also possible system leakage, freezing, twist detection.



Complete parking administration solution with detailed analytics and adaptability to billing applications.

oro kokybe

Outdoor air quality

Fully modifiable system to track up to 8 selectable parameters: CO2, NH3 ... Mobile stations are easily adaptable in urban infrastructures.

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Water quality outdoors

The system, which has the highest level of components and sensors, is designed to work in water bodies, rivers, salt water and fisheries. Ideal solution for chemical leak detection and analytical data collection.

siuksliu konteineriu valymas

Garbage container management

Various depth and volume measurement calibrations will allow accurate administration of the need for garbage removal, as well as the organization of routes. Additional modifications with GPS and temperature analysis are possible.

elektros suvartojimo nuskaitymas

Power consumption scan

The solution is intended for scanning of new type and old electricity meters / inputs. With the help of the system, consumption data is read, documentation and payments are prepared.

vidaus patalpu oro kokybes sprendimas

Indoor air quality solution

Solution for monitoring temperature, humidity, CO2, volatile organic compounds in rooms.

Daiktuvietos nustatymo sprendimas

Object location solution

A system that allows you to keep track of your assets: skis, pallets, containers, transport, and more. It is also a great solution to easily find assets that are constantly moving from place to place.

Skyscio lygio nuskaitymas

Liquid level scan

An excellent system for monitoring the volume: in containers, wells - when you need to know about the impending flood, in grain tanks, etc.


Covid 19

Interpersonal safety distance maintenance solution.