Signal operator

Bioto's goal is to become the most easily accessible IoT signal provider. We are here to ensure that IoT equipment works reliably and smoothly and provides the information the analyst needs.

Professional integrators

Having the equipment is often not enough to successfully implement IoT solutions. You need to be able to design the right solution / product and implement it without costly mistakes that affect your market readiness, profitability and reputation.

Professional programmers

Our reliable partner WMW is a hub where you can combine your operational data with information provided through sensors and people. Everything you want to know about your assets, people, and external services can be digitally linked to your organization.

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Equipment selection and partner

UAB ACC Distribution aims to become the No. Option 1 in the Baltics in the field of wholesale of electronic equipment, distinguished by strong competencies in distribution and value creation. It is one of the largest and fastest growing wholesale companies in the Baltic States, also operating in the Kaliningrad region and Belarus.